Labor Day Attack: Joe Biden
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Labor Day Attack: Joe Biden Backfired By Trump And Company By Calling Him”Awkward”

Eric Trump is backfired by Joe Biden on Labor Day Attack on a Democratic nominee. As a critic on his Twitter account reminded that president Donald Trump’s son is his father failings. And Tweeted that ” Everything this guy does is low energy and awkward”.

Eric Trump captioned in a photo of Biden event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Monday. In this Picture every one is wearing mask and following Social distancing norms and procedure.

Labor Day Attack: Joe Biden

Eric Trump’s attacker pointed out that stark contrast between and the image and those of campaign rallies his father clasp while the pandemic. Where many of his supporters have followed social distancing norms.

Also, public health expert’s believed that the President Trump rally in June held on Tulsa , Oklahoma,”more than likely” take participate in surge of corona virus cases in the country.  In Fact the the Trump has repeatedly downplayed the role of risk posses by the Covid-19 and also spread mixed messages about it.

The pandemic has hit US the worst at least 190,000 people in US and nearly 900,000 people in the world. And Trump army as well didn’t opt for lockdown in the first and they did take when everything is out of their control.

Well there is wrong in saying that America has failed to protect them against this deadly virus. Which in turn leaving them in illness and financially ruin. This is cost him a loss of a global leader in the world.

The pandemic has been tragedy and teaching to all of us.

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