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Kyle Rittenhouse- Deserving Of Having Fundraising Support After Killing Two People?

Kyle Rittenhouse – the 17- year-old accused of killing two and injuring the third has gathered handful of support for himself. Not only Trump but also the high profile defenders are fighting for the teenager’s life. If all this was not enough he has gotten himself the support of fund raising benefits.

Trump addressing Kyle Rittenhouse’s situation.

The shooting that occurred at Kenosha at a protest took a very wrong turn, evidently. But somehow this accused is the right person for Trump and the fund raisers. Trump addressed this case to be ‘interesting’ and also said ‘ we are doing everything we can’ as if they need to do something. Accused is right in front of them and is been given treatment as some hero.

Since when do people and Presidents start giving aids and supports  to vigilantes? Because clearly President Donald Trump thinks that the shooter shot to defend himself. Ignoring the fact that a teenager was out with a shooting weapon- an AR-15 type of gun, illegally in a public protest.

Does black lives really matter? Because clearly it doesn’t feel like it. Lives of people are turning upside down while the politics is still in top trending. The father of Late Jacob Blake  expressed his anger and called his son ‘ human’ and said how he was shot ‘seven times at his back. Obviously, no one should go through it leaving the blacks and the whit matter behind.

This is downright sad and plain disrespect of all the humans alive and breathing. Trump being Trump defended by saying “I guess it looks like he fell, and then they very violently attacked him”. While Biden was supposed to speak up here, he decided to keep shut and use this agaginst Trump as a political Agenda.

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Kyle Getting Fundraising Support.

Several legal funds have been set up to defend Kyle Rittenhouse. Its more shocking to see that the fund raisers are able to collect funds and appoint high profile defenders for the accused.

Reports says that ‘’ which according to rumor is the “the No. 1 Free Christian Fundraising Site” had raised more than $332,000 as of Tuesday afternoon. The organization has also announced in their website that the accused  “just defended himself from a brutal attack by multiple members of  the far leftist group.”’s Co-Founder Heather Wilson also said that they will continue to give the platform to people who need it. The group will supposedly continue raising funds.“People want to do something to make their voices heard,” she said of why she organized the group. “And we will continue to provide the platform to allow that.”

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Conservative Legal Group called the fightback Foundation is also helping Mr. Rittenhouse get a legal team.

Student body of Arizona University announced in their website that half of all their collections and funds would be given to the accused team to help him defend himself better. Amanda Reyes, who helps run the group’s site, said it had raised $11,000 so far and donated half to the Fightback Foundation.

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