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tx, a, a6, gej, r, lv, r, h5, j9, u, w, e, 34i, c, Know The Reason: Why A Women Called Cops On A Black Man Sitting Ideally In His Car - The Tech Education
Reason: Why A Women Called Cops
Source: worldnewsj.com
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Know The Reason: Why A Women Called Cops On A Black Man Sitting Ideally In His Car

A woman in Ohio called the cops for an unarmed man sitting his car drinking tea in a parking lot and talking on his cell phone because she was sure that he had a gun. Darren cooper was parked outside the portage country job and family services in Ravenna .

Ahead of all the work training meeting last month when all the armed cops approaches to his vehicle. And shouted him “put your hands up”. Police were responding to a call on 911 from a woman in the dentist office across the street giving assurance that a man sitting in Black mustang is with a gun.

 Reason: Why A Women Called Cops
Source: worldnewsj.com

In search of vehicle showed that black man is a father who lives in Hudson and works for summit country , was unarmed and simply speaking loudly on his phone at the time of incident. Cooper is asking for women face charges over the false reports which she accused of him.

He also said that in this country he is lucky to be alive but the thought that “his kids almost lost their father.” The incident took place when he was attending a  training course at the Portage Country Job and Family Service Building in south Chestnut Street,Ravenna on August 13,2020

He also told he didn’t think anything while he sees the cops approaching to him and shouting ” Put your Hands Up” Then held his hands up in the sky.Minimum two of the Cops had arms , the video showed which is been recorded in the camera near store.


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