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Kissing Booth 2: Are Joey King And Taylor Zakhar Perez Really Dating? Reality Revealed That Could Break Your Heart!

Netflix viewers where disappointed when Taylor Zakhar Perez was spotted as (Elle) Joey King’s love! In the second season of Kissing Booth. However, the newcomer caught everyone’s heart. Joy kings romance with Noah could be seen affecting due to him. Jacob U Elordi is Noah.

Despite the heart getting infatuated with someone else. Elle chose her boyfriend from the first film. Have rumours are floating in the air about offscreen chemistry between Elle and Marco.
What do you think? Are Joey and Perez dating now?

Source: Indiewire

Why Is It Obvious To Assume?

It is obvious to assume about them dating. As when kissing booth 2 was released these two 2 core actors seems playful. In fact, in their Instagram accounts, they would post about each other. Even from the comments their flirting was spotted.

However recently Perez posted a video featuring Elle. They seemed to very friendly and playful with each other.

Source: Instagram

However amidst the coronavirus pandemic also. Perez and King could be seen hanging out together after the Kissing Booth 2 premiere.

Moreover in an Instagram story, King wrote, “Got tested just so we could hug today.ā€ she wrote this in a picture with Perez.

Source: Instagram

Reality Inside The Assumptions And Speculations

However, despite all the speculations and assumptions, the truth is something different. The reality is King and Perez are not dating.

In July 2020 white speaking with Glamour, Perez confirmed about his relationship status. However, he told he is not dating anyone and currently single.

Interestingly when he was asked if he would ever date a fan. He mentions about King. Furthermore, he said, ā€œIā€™m a fan of Joey and wish that she would date me, you know what I mean?ā€

However, Perez and King revealed that they would be back next year with Kissing Booth 3. Happy? šŸ˜‰

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