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Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’: Album Is Released! Could She Be Successful In Promoting Black Culture?

The $400M worth Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American singer. However, she released her new musical album on July 31st. The name of her new visual album is ‘Black Is King’.

In June, the vogue beauty made her fans go crazy by showing just 1-min trailer on her website. In fact, the name resembles a film as well. However, ‘Lion The King’ inspired the release of this album.


The 24-time Grammy winner has really invested a lot in this. However, she is the writer, director and the producer as well. Her album would be premiered in Disney.

However in the film as well, she voiced the character of Nala. Which was too exciting and interesting for her fans.

Beyonce’s Stand For Promoting Black Culture

Amidst several protests regarding black lives matter and George Floyd death. Beyonce came up with something as a tribute to black people. In order to drive away from the darkness of racism from blacks lives.

Therefore the present visual album will definitely cherish the journey of Black families. However, it will also reveal the betrayal, love, self-identity, struggles faced by black people throughout the time.

This album celebrates black culture. Unleashing black traditions and its essence.

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