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Kim Kardashian West: Seems Excited To Collab With Her Bestfriend Allison Statter; Filled Her IG Posts With Their Pictures!

Kim Kardashian West, came to Instagram to share back to back seven photos with her best friend, Allison Statter.
Yesterday she came to Instagram stories to post about their friendship letter, press box, highlighter and lipstick swap.

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Moreover, The new #KKWxALLISON collection is going to launch in one week. Only at

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The 39-year-old KKW mogul and Allison Statter have been childhood best friends. Kim had lived in her best friend’s Malibu house for some days. She even claimed that she woke up at the beach the next morning.

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Kim Kardashian Shared Her Excitement

Kim Kardashian shares seven pictures with her best friend and captioned it as ” photo booth fun. Ps- Allison Statter I have so many photo booth pics of us from our childhood. We wanted to age to recreate a photo booth shoot wearing our KKW Beauty collection…”

She further claimed that she is thrilled and excited for her new lip crayon. However, she is obsessed with London, the new lip crayon.

According to the mother of four, people will love her collection. However, the group is for the ones who are busy and preoccupied. This will help the ones having hectic schedules and quick makeup.

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So what are you waiting for? Run and grab your favourite products from her official website.

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