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Emily Ratajkowski- New Blonde Look

White model Emily Ratajkowski stunned her fans with her brand new blonde look. The fans were astonished watching the Diva’s new Avatar as Blonde.
The model is a famous brunette in addition to her business. Emily revealed that she was inspired by Pamela Anderson and Sharon Tate. Also, she was amused seeing her edited pictures with blonde hair. To add on she was previously kinda nervous about the idea. But subsequently, she is loving it.

According to the reports, Emily is having more fun in this lockdown. And hence she just lit up with the idea of experiment. Moreover, the model also added that she spent 7.5 hours going blonde. She got into the chair at 9:00 a.m. and left at almost 4:30 p.m.

Furthermore, Emily documented the whole footage. The footage was broadcasted on her Instagram story. Then she also flaunted her blonde Avatar by sharing some sexy pictures on Instagram.
Her blonde look is blowing the internet indeed. Emily didn’t want a streaky or stripey blonde. The model decided to go blonde absolutely by the roots. That’s why the colorist treated her in various stages. Likewise, she is very particular about her hair.

Emily Ratajkowski believes that transformations are fun. One should have fun with their looks. It’s a joyous process indeed.
Apart from this, this isn’t the first time she has gone blonde. We remember the lightest shade of her hair from 2017. But this time she’s getting the most of the limelight. She’s looking stunning and sexy in her glorious Avatar. The blonde bombshell is rocking with her brown locks.

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