Kevin Harvick’s Victory At The NASCAR At Darlington Because Of Legendary Rivalry

On the morning of  Monday, 7th September Kevin Harvick won first place in NASCAR’s playoff opener. Although the incident that made it happen is what caught people’s attention.

While Martin Truex Jr. and Chase Elliot competed for the winning position during the final stage. This competent nature of both the racers led to a small accident at the tracks.

The Story

During Southern 500 Truex and Elliot were competing for the first place while Harvick was only a few seconds behind. It was in this moment that Truex mistakenly drove Elliot and himself in to the wall. In the attempts to find some space and use it to drive past his rival and win.

The close collision to the wall worked in the favours of Harvick. He quickly swooped in to win the race and that too for the second time this season. This time he won at the Darlington Raceway in presence of his fans.

According to sources, the incident changed everything for all three racers involved. Harvick ended up leading by 5 laps seconds post the accident. Minutes before the race ended Elliot who was rooting for first place ended up in 11th place. As for Treux, he had to make a pit stop due to a flat tire caused by the accident. The unfortunate stop ended up the racer in the 22nd place. The victory ended up becoming Harvick’s eighth win of the year and became his career high.

Many fans of the race had a good laugh on the internet, many even tweeted about it. If only Elliot and Treux hadn’t played games for first place the verdict would be different said one fan another even noticed how Harvick’s tires were wearing out and how it was a miracle that he won. What we can say with complete certainty is that the incident played out very well in Harvick’s favour.

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