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CBI Probes Former CM of Manipur In Embezzlement Case

Recently, the CBI probed ex-Manipur chief minister O Ibobi Singh in Imphal in relation with alleged misappropriation. This scandal amounts to Rs 332 crore development funds for the state. The problem lasted for about three hours and has revealed a bizarre set of events of information.

The Probe

The CBI also called retired IAS officer O Nabakishore Singh, also a former chairman of Manipur Development Society to ask questions related to the misappropriation. As for now, the officials booked both O Ibobi Singh and O Nabakishore Singh.  They earlier held the post of chairman, Manipur Development Society, where all this problem started.


The Impetus

The CBI initiative comes at a time when the BJP-led coalition government in the state government is facing crisis after nine MLAs withdrew allegiance. The BJP recently took four National People’s Party (NPP), ministers. These were the people who resigned from the N Biren Singh-led Manipur government to meet some central leaders. The meeting was to address the problem raised in the North-Eastern states. A CBI team from the agency headquarters here had reached Imphal on Tuesday for questioning the accused based there. The agency officials had said it was part of an ongoing investigation. There were also some questions related to the timing of the probe.

The CBI started handling this case in November 2019. This was after the BJP government put forward a request. Ibobi Singh conspired with others during his tenure as the chairman of the Manipur Development Society (MDS)in 2017, the allegations say. Also, he misappropriated government funds worth approximately Rs 332 crore, out of Rs 518 crore. The entrusted amount was for development works, according to the officials.

Other Names Included

The other names by the CBI include former MDS chairmen — D S Poonia, PC Lawmuknga. Another retired IAS officer O Nabakishore Singh. The also named Y Ningthem Singh, the former project director of MDS and S Ranjit Singh, its administrative officer in the complaint.

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