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Kevin Gates And Dreka Break Up 2022: Kevin Gates Was Seen With “Love And Hip Hop” Star Jojo Zarur

Since Kevin Gates was seen with Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Jojo Zarur earlier this week, the internet has been full of rumors that he and his wife, Dreka Gates, are no longer together.

Today, Kevin put out a song called “Super General” that seemed to confirm that he had broken up with Dreka.

In the song, the rapper from Baton Rouge said that his marriage to Dreka was not as good as it seemed to the public. He also put a bad light on a song he had written before about Dreka in 2020.

The reality star and the rapper haven’t said for sure that they are dating. Still, sources told Urban Islandz, “For now, they’re just going out on dates and having fun with each other. Both of them have a lot of freedom and enjoy being with each other.

Zarur has also said something about the rumors about her relationship with Kevin on social media.

After someone wrote on Instagram, “He’s already married. This ain’t a good look,” the L&HH star said. “Lol, he’s actually single. Find out the truth.”

She also added, in a playful way, “Play with me if you want to” with a smiling emoji under a video of Gates explaining to his fans what was going on with them.

“I’ve been really nice to you guys, you know what I mean. “As I said, I’m not speaking for myself,” Gates said in the clip. “There’s just one thing I want you to know. I’m not like these other pu–y a*s rappers who walk around with security, b–ch a*s n****s. I’m telling you now if you play with something I like. I hope everyone is listening. I’m ready to do a life sentence. I love you all. Have a great day, everyone.”

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