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Kellyanne Conway: White House Counselor To Leave Her Post By The End Of August, Looks Forward To Focus On Her Family! Read More..

Kellyanne Conway has announced to quit her post as a White House Counselor by the end of this month.

Kellyanne Conway To Leave White House

The White House Counselor has announced about quitting her post soon. And the reason she stated is that she needs to focus on her family. Conway has been the President Donald Trump’s counselor since 2016. Thus she has had a very long career in the White House.

Kellyanne Conway
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Conway announced her decision through a Twitter post which read:

”I’m Leaving the White House. God Bless You All.” And with this post she also attached a link to her official statement regarding leaving her post.

She has been an influential adviser for the White House and has always done her part with ease. Conway is one of the longest serving counselors for the White House. And has many successful projects and campaigns to her name. She was supposed to speak at the Republican National Convention but her resignation came prior to that.

Thus her speech is not quite expected now.

Why Did She Take This Decision Amidst Elections?

Well the reason Conway stated is that she wants to focus on her family. And that she needs to spend time with her children. Actually her husband George Conway is a Trump critic and had joined the Lincoln project which is made by the people attempting to defeat Trump. But even George has announced that he will leave the Lincoln project.

Kellyanne Conway
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Therefore it is clear that the couple is bidding adieu to their political differences. Moreover Conway’s daughter Claudia is also a Trump critic. And is known for her anti-Trump statements. She is a Tik Tok influencer. Thus because of political differences Claudia could never get along with her mother.

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And she had also described her mother as a flag bearer of internalized misogyny.

Thus it can be understood that Conway’s position in the White House has always been a cause of rift in her family. And thus she has decided to step down in order to mend broken family ties.

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