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Kayne West: Michelle Obama Targets Kanye West Without Naming Him!! Urges Voters Not To Waste Vote For Those Who Don’t Stand A Chance Of Winning!!

The US Presidential Elections!

The biggest event for the US is about to come. The US Presidential elections are about 2 months from now.
The heat about the run for the Presidency is gaining its pace day by day. Recently, Democrats held a campaign rally for the upcoming elections.

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They concluded with a “Democratic National Convention” where they pressed to vote for the Democrat candidate Joe Biden. At the convention, the former first lady of the US, Michelle Obama, spoke in a very strong voice.

This time, Michelle talked about the presidential candidate Kanye West. Though Michelle didn’t take Kanye West’s name directly, she still attacked him.

Michelle Urges U.S. Voters Not To Waste The Vote

Michelle urged U.S. voters not to waste the vote. She said voters should not “play games” with candidates whose chances of winning the post are low.

Source: washingtonpost.com

Madam Obama further asked voters to support Democrat candidate Joe Biden with the same enthusiasm they showed during Obama’s race for the post.

Next Target: Joe Biden

Michelle Obama further reiterated that voters should feel the same about this year’s candidate Joe Biden.
She has indicated the whole thing for Kanye West because Kanye West is thought to be a candidate prepared by Donald Trump just to hurdle Joe Biden’s win.

Source: washingtopost.com

The rumours got further heated when last week Kanye West met Jared Kushner.
Reportedly, Jared is Trump’s son-in-law and is well associated with Trump’s re-election campaign.
So Michelle pressed voters not to vote for the West just to stop Joe Biden. Obama further asked voters to vote as early as possible and urged others near him to do the same.

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