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Katrina Kaif’s Trolled After Plastic Surgery, Her Botox, And Lip Surgery Are Shocking

Actress Katrina Kaif is doing everything in her power to promote her next movie Phone Bhoot, but she has come under fire for some of the things she’s done. A lot of online users criticize her plastic surgery, Botox, and lip surgery.

Katrina Kaif is doing everything she can to get the word out about her next movie Phone Bhoot. However, when her most recent photos showed up on social media, she was criticized. A lot of people online said that the actress looked different and said that she must have had surgery.

Fans think Katrina Kaif’s face looks swollen in recent photos of her promoting her next movie, Phone Bhoot, on the set of Bigg Boss 16, which is hosted by Salman Khan. Reports say that Katrina Kaif’s once-beautiful face was badly hurt by plastic surgery.

Katrina Kaif’s Appearance Seems To Have Changed. Has She had Plastic Surgery?

Fans think Katrina Kaif’s face looks bigger in recent pictures of her promoting her next movie, Phone Bhoot, on the Bigg Boss 16 set, which is hosted by Salman Khan. People say that Katrina Kaif’s plastic surgery has ruined her beautiful face.

Many actors and actresses get cosmetic procedures, like plastic surgery, to hide wrinkles and sagging skin and make them look younger. Some people use Botox and other injections to get the “ideal” features. But not everyone speaks out about the same things.

Koena Mitra knew that her career was over after the botched nose job. Shruti Haasan recently admitted that she had surgery to change the shape of her nose. Did Katrina Kaif also decide to get plastic surgery? Fans think that, so that’s that.

Fans Don’t Like Kaif’s Face Because It Looks Too Big. What Internet Users Have To Say About Her Beauty

“I don’t know what Katrina Kaif was thinking when she did this. I really like and respect her, and I don’t mind that she has had plastic surgery, fillers, or Botox. It shouldn’t be so bad, though, that it’s hard to think about anything else. Just because of that, she seems very distracted and not like herself. A fan made a remark.

“Please tell Katrina Kaif that she doesn’t have to dress up like a horror movie character to promote her movie,” said someone else. Both her natural self and her face which has been injected with Botox work pretty well. I don’t know why Katrina Kaif is acting like she is.

One Internet user said about Katrina’s most recent ad for Phone Bhoot, “Botox and plastic surgery has ruined her face.”

Another Internet user asks, “Why do they usually use too much filler and Botox?” Do you feel like this is a habit? Once you start something, you can’t stop it. “She just doesn’t look the same,” said another fan.

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