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Kamala Harris: Steve Marshall Writes About Her Past In His National Review. Why Is Harris’ Past Raising Concerns?

Kamala Harris is the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate for the upcoming US elections. But in a review Steve Marshal has written everything related to her past. And it might actually raise concerns.

Steve Marshall Writes About Harris’ Past

In the National Review Online the Attorney General of Alabama Steve Marshall wrote a piece talking about her history. In his piece he has focused on an incident related to Harris’ past. Thus made everyone recall something which happened 16 years back. And is a matter of great concern.

Kamala Harris
Source: Reuters

Hence in the review Marshall writes about an incident that took place 16 years back. And it was related to a murder of a California policeman.

The incident dated back on April 10, 2004 when officer Issac Espinoza and Barry Parker were patrolling at night in San Francisco. And on that fateful night was murdered mercilessly. He was true to his job.

Also he had left behind his wife and a three year old daughter. But you must be wondering how is Kamala harris related to all this?

Kamala Harris And Her Connection With The Murder

Well what links Harris with the murder was that she was the Attorney of San Francisco district. And her response towards the incident was quite unexpected.

Kamala Harris
Source: CNBC

Because she held a press conference and announced that she doesn’t want a death sentence for the murders of the officer. And the reason Harris gave was that she doesn’t want to send a wrong message by giving death sentence to the murderer.

In that way she blocked the path of justice that Espinoza’s family deserved. Thus this past incident of Harris actually tells about how ruthlessly she saved a criminal.

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Therefore being a Vice-Presidential candidate this incident actually raises concerns on whether she will actually follow that path of truth and takes unbiased decision for her citizens.

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