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Justin Bieber Paralyzed: Justin Bieber Gives An Update On The Paralysis In His Face.

Justin Bieber shared a faith-filled update about a rare medical condition that has left one side of his face paralyzed.

The singer of “Yummy” wrote a message about his continued recovery from Ramsay Hunt syndrome on Monday on the “Instastory” part of his verified Instagram account.

He wrote, “Wanted to share a bit of how I’ve been feeling.” “Every day has gotten better, and in spite of all the pain, I’ve found comfort in the one who made me and knows me.”

Bieber has spoken out about his Christian faith in the past, and he said, “I’m reminded that he knows all of me,” in his statement.

“He knows the darkest things about me that I don’t want anyone else to know, and he always welcomes me into His loving arms,” the statement said. “This point of view has brought me peace during this terrible storm I’m going through.”

Bieber said last week that he has a rare neurological syndrome that is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox and shingles.

In a video he posted, he showed how he couldn’t move one side of his face because of it. He also said that the diagnosis was why he had to cancel some concerts and will take a break from touring while he gets better.

“I know this storm will pass, but in the meantime, Jesus is with me,” he wrote at the end of his statement on Monday.

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