Popstar: Justin Bieber lip syncs to Selena’s name in DJ Khaled and Drake’s ‘Popstar’ !


Justin Bieber, 26, became an internet sensation from his early childhood and still continues to win hearts. The internet is filled with his love life and vidoes with wife, Hailey Bieber. The famous icon, Justin Beiber recently made a special appearance in DJ Khaled and Drake’s new music video, ‘Popstar.’

The video starts with a video call of Khaled and Drake. Khaled is seen pestering Drake for filming a music video for their song, since both the singers are far off in different countries.

Drake turns to Justin  and ‘calls in a favour.’ Bieber agrees to lip sync along with Khaled and Drake, spicing up the video.

Popstar: Justin lip syncs to Selena’s name 

The song’s lyrics have a mention of Bieber’s ex- girlfiriend Selena Gomez. The lyrics go like:
“You would probably think my manager was scooter braun/but my manager with 20 hoes in buddakan ” bieber mimes. “Aye look , ariana , selena my visa /it can take as many charges as it needs to my girl.”

Justin and Selena were in a on and off relationship since 2010 to 2018. Though the fans were still shipping the duo together. The ‘Baby’ singer started dating VS model “Hailey Baldwin” in 2018. The two got married later, and look absolutely sensational together.

Opinions on Popstar:

The clip is surfacing all over the internet and people shower their views and opinions about it. There are quite a few mixed opinions as well. Justin fans on one hand are praising it and calling it an “innovation.” Selenators, are saying that Bieber should” stay relevant”.

One of the fans wrote: “It’s 2020 and Justin still got Selena’s name in his mouth.”

The End: A Beautiful Twist 

Justin bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber has made special apperance in “Popstar.” The video rather has a surprise element at the end. Hailey wakes up to Justin in a dream segment. He is a little bewildered and exclaims: “I had a crazy dream.”

“Drake asked me to be in a video but he was not in the video , it was a bunch of people . I love you baby.”