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Protect The Crew Of pirates and Carribean!
Celebrity Hollywood Latest

Johnny Depp Paid $60,000 To Protect The Crew Of ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean Sea’!

Johnny Depp spent sixty thousand dollars on the crew of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean sea’ to save the crew. He had to do it to protect and keep the people safe on the stranger tides. According to a report in 2011 when the filming of the movie was going on, a lot of chaos was following up. The crew members and the artists were always getting wet and was splashed by the water. The whole surrounding did quite treacherous as said by the members and the reports.

Furthermore, reporters said that the conditions were horrible and terrifying. It was wet all the time. And hence the “public Enemies” star purchased 500 waterproof jackets. He provided it to all the cast and the crew members that eventually made the suffering a little better. The artists were then able to cope up with the problems of water and sea. The actor never took any money for any of the jackets from anybody. It was his income and pocket from where he bought those. Can we call Johnny too kind?

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While the fans are going all crazy about how smooth the actor is, he is busy promoting other movies of his. He just asked his fans on Instagram to go on and watch the film – Waiting For The Barbarians. Let’s see what the future holds for the actor. You know, the case that is going on in the court with Amber Heard. Well, stay tuned, and we shall find it out soon.

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