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“Joe Biden Is The Worst Candidate”, Said Donald Trump Mockingly At Minden Tahoe Airport

Donald Trump said that Joe Biden is the worst presidential candidate. However, Biden has not replied to this statement. The president said this mockingly on Minden Tahoe airport after completing his rally. Trump said that Biden is the worst candidate that he has ever seen in US political history. He also said that he doesn’t even know that he is alive.

Trump brought this topic when he already remarked 90 minutes. He talked about attack line to attack line throughout his rally speech. He also tried to criticize the Democrats, talked about the condition of coronavirus in the country, and he complained about how black lives matter is becoming an issue.

Rally People Supported Donald Trump Not Joe Biden

Trump showed his concerns about sierra mountains wildfire. The crowd in the rally cheered Trump and said that they love Trump. The people in the rally also said that they want the trump presidency again for more four years. They held signs which said they are peaceful protesters. Although, Trump calls these people as his allies.

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Donald Trump Compares Joe Biden With Sir Winston Churchill

President Trump complained about the Democratic nominee that he will get a favourable comparison to Sir Winston Churchill. Trump said this mockingly that Biden will do the same as Winston Churchill who leads the United Nation to World War II. Donald admires Sir Winton Churchill and admires him for the great person.

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Trump said that Sir Winston Churchill is nothing in comparison with Joe Biden. He then says that Churchill was great debater back in his time, but if Biden is said to give a speech, then the people will admire him the most. Trump said that Biden will give his speech in such a way that people will start admiring him.

President Criticizes Joe

President has used many insults to the Democratic nominee and during this rally, he said that he is a ‘Sleepy Joe’. He said on his speech that Biden is still in his basement and also insulted Joe’s son Hunter. He then continues to say that he is shot and let’s face the fact and started criticizing Biden’s strategy to keep the United nation safe.

The president will soon arrive in California on this Monday and he will talk about the Wildfire.

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