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Jessica Knoll Net Worth & Salary: How Rich Is This Person In 2022!

Let us now investigate ‘Jessica Knoll’s Net Worth in 2022.’ Jessica Knoll owns a Porsche, a large Los Angeles home, and lives a lavish lifestyle, but she has not disclosed her exact net worth.

Jessica Knoll is a New York Times Bestselling author whose book The Luckiest Girl Alive is one of her most well-known works. Her first book, published in May 2015, spent four months on the New York Times Best Seller list, catapulting her to fame overnight.

The book is based on her life story of being physically abused by three of her classmates at a party when she was only 15 years old and later struggling to make peace with her troubled past, according to the Daily Mail.

Her book, The Luckiest Girl Alive, was so successful that it was made into a Netflix film. Lionsgate purchased the film adaptation rights in April 2015, and the Netflix film is scheduled to premiere on October 7, 2022.

Let’s learn more about Jessica Knoll’s net worth and her husband and age.

Who Is Jessica knoll?

Jessica Knoll is known as an Author, Screenwriter. Jessica Knoll was born in 1983. Most people are in search of Jessica Knoll’s Net Worth. So here we have updated the information. Some people will be eager to know about the biography of their favorite celebrities. Likewise, now we can see people searching Jessica Knoll’s Net Worth. What is Jessica Knoll’s Net Worth is something that is spotted on the internet. Let’s dive in deep to know further details.

Quick Facts:

Name Jessica Knoll
Age 39 Years Old
Date of Birth December 2, 1983
Birthplace Pennsylvania
Relationship Status Married
Husband Greg Cortese
Occupation Author, Writer
Net Worth $5 Million

Jessica knoll’s net worth In 2022

Jessica Knoll’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Jessica told The Cut that after the success of Luckiest Girl Alive, she bought a Porsche, a home in Los Angeles, and $320-per-session therapy “to address serious trauma in my life.”

Knoll stated in a New York Times opinion piece “I insisted on being the one to modify it for the studio. Now I’m working on creating, directing, or hosting my own show. TV is where the money is, and to be completely honest, I want to be wealthy.”

Knoll made a lot of money with her first book, The Luckiest Girl Alive, which sold a lot of copies around the world and was turned into a Netflix movie.

People have seen the author go on expensive vacations and show off her luxuries on the internet, but she has never said how much she makes from her career or what her true net worth is.

Greg Cortese Is Jessica Knoll’s Husband

Jessica Knoll is married to Greg Cortese.

Greg, her husband, graduated from UCLA with an MBA in 2020 after two years of hard work and dedication. Jessica congratulated her husband and expressed her pride in a lengthy Instagram post.

Greg can be found on Instagram as @gcortese8, where he has 474 followers and has posted 62 times. Unfortunately, his account is private, and the posts he makes on his image-sharing social media account are only visible to his followers.

He also enjoys golf and has shared videos of his games on social media. Greg, despite being the husband of a well-known author, has not revealed much about his personal life on the internet and does not share his wife’s spotlight.

They have been married for ten years; they married on September 29, 2012, before the author rose to fame.

Jessica and Greg have been together for much longer, and according to People, the author came clean about her past by telling her then-boyfriend Greg about her traumatic experience early in their relationship.

Jessica and her husband were at a Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills when she was asked to write down her annual income, which she did, and she came up with eight figures. According to The Cut, when the salesman asked her husband for confirmation, her husband proudly stated, “That is correct.”

How Old Is Jessica Knoll? What Is Her Age?

Jessica Knoll’s current age is 39 as of 2022.

She was born in 1983 and has a birthday on December 2 every year. Every year on her birthday, her friends and family wish her well and send her blessings.

But the author doesn’t seem to show any glimpses of her birthday celebration on her social media account, and her husband doesn’t publicly wish her a happy birthday on social media.

Her parents were unknown when she was born in Pennsylvania. Her parents are proud of her achievements and have supported her career.


How old is Jessica Knoll?

Jessica Knoll, born on December 2, 1983, is 39 in 2022.

Who Is Jessica Knoll’s Husband?

Jessica Knoll has been happily married to her husband Greg Cortese for the past 10 years.

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