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Jeff Bezos Girlfriend: Is Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Lauren Sánchez Is Going On All-Girls’ Trip To Space?

Jeff Bezos Girlfriend: To honor her boyfriend, Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon and Blue Origin, Lauren Sanchez has announced her intention to leave the Earth’s orbit. In an interview published on Monday, Sanchez, who flies helicopters and runs an aerial video production company called Black Ops Aviation, said that she hopes to take off for space sometime in 2019.

Sanchez allegedly declined to name any potential crewmates, however, she did state that an all-female crew was planned for the trip. Bezos joining her on the aircraft was another possibility she shot down.

Jeff Bezos' Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Wears High-Slit Dress at Gala – Footwear News

Sanchez predicted to CNN, “It’ll be a tremendous collection of females.” Since Bezos himself participated in the first flight of Bezos’ space exploration company, Blue Origin, a number of civilian flights have been successfully completed.

When Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, and two other passengers flew on Blue Origin’s first crewed trip, they were recognizable by the cowboy hats they wore in addition to their regular blue flight suits.

Michael Strahan, a former NFL great turned media personality, and William Shatner, star of the original “Star Trek,” are just two of the celebrities that have participated in product launches with the company since then. Comedian Pete Davidson had planned to join them in space but dropped out just before liftoff.

The Post has contacted Blue Origin for a response to Sanchez’s proposals.

While Bezos affirmed his intention to donate most of his $124 billion fortune to charity throughout his lifetime, Sanchez announced her space ambitions in the same interview.

Jeff Bezos' girlfriend Lauren Sanchez says she plans to go to space next year

For Bezos, the “long-term ambition” of Blue Origin is to “transfer all polluting companies off Earth,” he stated in an October speech at the Vatican. The company competes head-on with SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, and others in the heated private space race.

Bezos also responded to those who say the money and time he’s investing in space exploration could be put to better use on Earth.

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Bezos emphasized that humans do not leave Earth for space because they want to leave it unprotected but rather because they want to defend it. Keep energy in mind.

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Since the sun never sets in space, we have an almost infinite supply of energy to harness from it. Space is a viable option for the sustainable collection and utilization of energy and other resources that may otherwise threaten Earth. The Earth is a garden that needs care.

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