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REFORM Alliance Rocks Up California - Know Here!
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Jay-Z And Meek Mill’s REFORM Alliance Rocks Up California – Here’s All You Should Know!

Jay -Z and Meek Mill’s REFORM Alliance Rocks Up California. They are currently seen celebrating their first major legislative victory yesterday night. Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 1950 into law. This means that the execution of this law would lead to the limitation of adult probation period. It has been announced that they would be punished for a year in cases of misdemeanour. And two years for felonies. And that’s what makes entire California celebrate the night for the win of the group headed by CEO Van Jones.

This bill was signed amongst many other bills by government Newsom. Reportedly, the bills were passed because it was necessary for the police and criminal justice reform. So reports, CBS News. Furthermore, the government also additionally signed a bill banning police officers to have a chokehold during arrests. Moving on it also stated that the state’s attorney general can independently investigate police shootings.

Jay-Z And Meek Mill Get Successful!

Newsom, however, presented himself for an announcement. He said that the Americans took it upon themselves to rightfully demand to better the justice system of the country. They were sprawled across streets for the government to make changes. Moreover, he also gave a message to people that the system should and must do more. Working for the youths, With youths.

Turning to media, our very beloved Jay z thanked Newsom for the decisions that he took. For the leadership that he took for signing the bill and turning it into the law. Jay – Z hopes that this much-awaited change brings the much-awaited wave of strength throughout the country. 

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Moreover, Van Jones also appreciated the signing of the bill and the initiative taken by Newsom. He further announced that Newsom cemented his legacy as a champion for justice, redemption and opportunity. A year that has been so exhausting and tough for the entire world this reform is truly a delight. We need more good news to row our boats. Van Jones furthermore says that he can’t thank the government enough. For supporting this legislation. He looks forward to working under him with him by him.

We wish the people of America all the best. For the upcoming presidential elections and many such reforms in the future. 

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