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wg8, b, th, ejn, k2, c, 6jw, jlj, hcp, b5t, w, 4g, 0kb, Frank Ocean: His Brother Ryan Breaux Died In An Accident! Was It Planned? - The Tech Education
Frank Ocean
Source: NME

Frank Ocean: His Brother Ryan Breaux Died In An Accident! Was It Planned?

The famous idiosyncratic musician Frank Ocean’s younger brother has been reported dead in a car accident.

Ryan Breaux died around 1:30 am on August 2. The car accident occurred at Westlake Boulevard, Thousand Oaks, California. According to ABC 7 Reports, two people got killed in a single-car crash. They were totally devastated in the fire.

Ryan Breaux, 18 with his friend Zeek Bishop got killed. In fact, they were reported dead by Ventura County Fire Department.

However, Investigation has started. And the cause of their accident will be known soon. Whether it was really an accident or an attempted murder? Which was shown as an accident only?

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Statements Released

Moreover, Ocean or his family haven’t yet spoken anything about this matter. They are yet to talk publicly. Their co-workers and musician those who know Ocean and Breaux. Showered tribute to Ryan in social media.

Source Twitter

DJ and producer Kai Asa Savon Wright, wrote, “Rest In Peace Ryan Breaux,”.
Additionally, Rapper MadeinTYO wrote, “Ryan Breaux, you were a good kid & always showed me, love, see you up top! pray for the frank family.” However, Rapper MadeinTYO really Malcolm Jamaal Davis.


Breaux was very close to Ocean. When ‘Blonde’ got released, Along with Ocean, Ryan was also glad. He even embraced and graced the album himself.

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