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Cheekily Responds To Twitter Thread About His Real Madrid Stats - The Tech Education
Source: ASEnglish

James Rodriguez Cheekily Responds To Twitter Thread About His Real Madrid Stats

Colombian superstar James Rodriguez enjoyed a splendid start to life on Merseyside since making the switch from Real Madrid to Everton this summer. At Madrid, the midfielder had fallen down the pecking order under Zinedine Zidane. With most of the Los Blancos faithful considering James Rodriguez’s time at the Spanish capital a ‘failure’. However, Twitter user ‘TotalKroos’ posted a thread of stats highlighting the 29-year-old’s impressive displays for the LaLiga giants every season. Also prompting a response from James Rodriguez himself.

James Rodriguez Real Madrid stats: Everton star responds to his stats in LaLiga

After winning the Golden Boot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Rodriguez earned himself a sensational move to Real Madrid. In his first season in the Spanish capital, James Rodriguez scored 13 goals and provided 13 assists for Real Madrid. James also won the “Best Midfielder of LaLiga” award in his first season.

During the 2015-16 season, the Colombian scored seven goals and provided eight assists in 26 appearances. Before scoring eight and assisting six in 22 appearances in 2016-17. However, last season, James managed to make only eight appearances under Zidane. Scoring one goal and providing one assist. The Twitter thread from ‘TotalKroos’ highlighted all the key facts from each season James Rodriguez spent at Real Madrid. Hitting back at those fans who considered the Colombian’s time in Spain a ‘failure’.

The thread then tallied up the James Rodriguez stats section to a sensational 98 minutes per goal/assist while at Real Madrid. Upon closer inspection, one Real Madrid fan on Twitter wrote, “We should never have let him leave the club”. While another added, “Real Madrid need to respect James a lot more for what he did at the club.” The buzz around the post prompted James Rodriguez himself into responding to the thread as he wrote,  “Not bad” with a thumbs-up emoji.

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James Rodríguez to leave Bayern Munich - reports - AS.com
Source: AS English

Rodriguez transfer to Everton: Midfielder’s Everton career off to a flyer

Rodriguez signed for Everton in a  €25 million (£23m) deal this summer. The attacking midfielder opened his account for the Toffees promptly, scoring against West Brom in a 5-2 win last weekend. Rodriguez has been the chief orchestrater for Everton since arriving at the club, with the Toffees currently sitting pretty in third place in the Premier League table, with three wins from their opening three games.

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