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Smith: Click To Know How Willow Smith Inspired Jaden To Change His Name!? - The Tech Education
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Jaden Smith: Click To Know How Willow Smith Inspired Jaden To Change His Name!?

Shocking news broke recently, where Willow Smith Inspired Jaden Smith to change his name. The 22-year-old rapper and singer Jaden Smith is the son of the very famous, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jaden Smith
Source Getty

Jaden Smith goes generally goes by his parent’s name, although not all the time. However, he is extraordinarily talented and has different monikers as well.

Jaden Smith has decided to drop his last name “Smith” after Willow Smith chose to go by “Willow” only.

When he realised, his sister Willow Smith doesn’t go Smith anymore, instead, she is Willow only, he got inspired to change his name as well.

Jaden Smith
Source Getty Images

However, it took Jaden Smith a while to notice and realise this change around him.

Jaden stated, “Yeah, it took me a while Because if you look Willow Smith up, it’ll still come up. But then it took me a while to see that it was just Willow.”

Willow: The Influencer

The youngest Smith, Willow has Willow Smith everywhere. Her Social media handles like Instagram has her username as Willow Smith. However, if you sneak peek into her bio, you can find Willow has ‘Willow’ listed in bold letters.

Jaden Smith and Willow Smith
Source Getty Images

However, Jaden felt strong to notice this change. Even Jaden thought of his sister, and how strong she is. He is with her sister that he doesn’t need to say his last name anymore.

Even Willow Smith is only Willow now. However, the 19-year-old has always been better than Jaden. This is not the first time Jaden has followed her sister, Willow Smith.

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Despite being three years younger to Jaden Smith, she is relatively fast and better in all aspects.

Jaden has also decided to go by “Jaden” only. The sole reason behind is, he wants to create different characters for himself.

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