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j2, u, bh, e, 3fs, r, a, 5wo, hix, e, pp, 4, fzl, jto, m, 01a, Ben Strokes Is Assigned To Play For Rajasthan Royal In IPL 2020 Season
Ben Strokes
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Ben Strokes Is Assigned To Play For Rajasthan Royal In IPL 2020 Season

Ben strokes is back and will play for Rajasthan Royals, decided by the authority of IPL. However, Ben has missed a few weeks since the beginning of the IPL 2020 due to his ailing father health.

Here’s How Rajasthan Royals Revealed About Ben Strokes Arrival

Ben was with his father and took care of him in Christchurch. With this, the Rajasthan Royals announced on Twitter with a picture of Strokes that he will be joining the team soon. The post revealed that strokes is routing to the UAE, and he will quickly land on Sunday Morning.

Surprisingly, Ben posted a picture of his family on Instagram and also wrote that it’s never easy to say goodbye. The same rules and safety measures will be applied to Strokes, where he will go for six days quarantine. As per the IPL reports, strokes will be available to play the match against Delhi Capitals on October 14.

There are some possibilities that he might be available to play against Sunrisers Hyderabad on October 11. There are a lot of things to be done, and it would be a little early if Strokes comes into the field. Apart from this, it’s challenging for Kolkata Knight Riders to cope with Pat Cummins. It is because he ended up with the figure of 3-0-49-0 after his quarantine.

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What Was The Reason For Strokes Absence During The IPL 2020?

Earlier in the mid-summer, Strokes played against Pakistan and due to his father’s illness, he was pulled out. The report revealed that his father had cancer.

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He also said in an interview that after knowing that his father is diagnosed with cancer, he was not able to keep his head on the match. He also thanked ECB for letting him take indefinite compassionate leave due to the same reason.

Even though he was not with the team, he practised with a red ball during the middle of this year. He also posted a picture of himself and said that practice is the practice at the cricket club in Christchurch.

Talking about team lineup of Rajasthan Royals, with Ben Strokes, the team would benefit from his presence. Although, Rajasthan Royals have only won two matches so far and fans could expect a better result from them.

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