Jaden Smith: 5 Things About Him And His Family That Would Interest You!


As some things always remain a mystery and covered, you wouldn’t know it from any other sources. Here we have some revelations about Jaden Smith.

Jaden Smith, the son of the very famous actor, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is a famous rapper.

1. Jaden’s Sexuality

This news might break the hearts of a million women. the women are crazy in love and obsession for Jaden Smith. However previous year in 2019, he confirmed his love for Tyler the creator. But nobody took it seriously. Again in 2020 Golden Globe awards show so they both confirmed about their gay love. Yes! Jaden is gay!

Is he dying?
Source: BBC

2. Entanglements

Recently in the Red Table Talk interview, her mother Jada Smith reveals about entanglement with another rapper.
However, it is been claimed that the Rapper got to know Jada through Jaden only. Moreover, will let go of the incident saying, “I did mine and she did her’s”.

In fact this incident has made the word ‘ Entanglement’ really famous!

Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith
Source: GQ

Now the question arises, why will let go of the incident? in fact, it is paving the way to unveil another mystery.

3. Will’s Affair

Rumours were floating in the air about Will Smith’s affair with an Australian actress. However, actress Margot Robbie is married now. But during 2013 and 14, some intimate pictures of them got viral over the social media and the internet. The netizen assumed that they were dating. However, the real truth is still unknown as they both denied the rumours.

4. Willow Smith’s Sexuality

Jaden Smith
Source: Rolling Stone

The smallest kid in the Smith family, Willow Smith is the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. However, willow is dating a guy right now. But it is interesting to note that until when?
Because willow Smith has announced about her sexual pleasure, drives and choices. moreover, she declared that she is bisexual and has an interest in experiencing threesomes as well.

5. Who Cares?

After the news about Jaden’s mother,’ s affair broke. Jaden Smith with his sister Willow Smith and willow’s boyfriend could be spotted at Malibu. Meanwhile, the whole world is worried about the young Smith’s Plight. But it seems they do not give a damn and are fairly unaffected.

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