Jacob Blake
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Jacob Blake: The Videos Of The Attempted Racial Killing Of Jacob Blake Floods Social Media. Will This Racial Bloodshed Ever Stop?

Jacob Blake was shot mercilessly by the cops in Kenosha. His cruel attempted killing was recorded and the footage were uploaded on social media platforms. This time a new video has come up.

Jacob Blake Struggled To Save His Life Shows New Video

On the fateful day of August 24 we witnessed another merciless act by the police in the United States. And this time it was by the Kenosha Police. Jacob Blake was a 29 year old Black American who was shot mercilessly by the Kenosha Police who fortunately survived.  But is seriously injured.

Jacob Blake
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This incident was recorded by many people.

And this time a new video has come out. In this video Jacob is seen struggling to free himself from the clutches of the cops. Although the video is a bit shaky and blurry but it shows that struggle between the cops and Jacob.

Actually Jacob was trying to free himself and walk away from the cops. And he was trying to get into his SUV while the police were following him with arms and ammunition. But before he could enter his vehicle he was shot multiple times in his back by Officer Rusten Sheskey.

Although Jacob was lucky enough to have survived the gunshots. But the thing here is that he could have been another George Floyd.

What Actually Happened?

According to Kenosha Police there were several warrants against Jacob. And this warrant was based on charges of sexual assault, trespassing and domestic abuse.

Jacob Blake
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And when the cops went on to arrest him, he tried to fled. But does that actually give them the right to shoot someone? Also some people are questioning  on whether the police would have done the same if there was a White Person instead of Jacob.

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Therefore this incident is taking a racial turn. And is currently under investigation.


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