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ha, 9d, 56, jy, v, vke, 3fu, hy, lf, j, 9k, v, pqz, lw5, vju, 0f4, vcw, Ivanka Trump : As Suggested By Trump The Nominee For Vice Presidential
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Ivanka Trump : As Suggested By Trump The Nominee For Vice Presidential Contender Instead Of Harris!!

Ivanka Trump: As Suggested By Trump The Nominee For Vice Presidential Contender Instead Of Harris!!

US President Says Kamala Harris Incompetent

The US President Donald Trump, in his campaign on last Friday, declares Kamala Harris as incompetent for the Vice Presidential Contender. Instead of Kamala, he suggested his daughter’s name, Ivanka Trump, as the nominee for the position. He stated that Ivanka would be a better contender as compared to Harris.

Trump said, “You know, I want to see the first woman president also, but I don’t want to see a woman president get into that position the way she’d do it — and she’s not competent. She’s not competent. They’re all saying, ‘We want Ivanka.’ I don’t blame you.”

Early Life Of Kamala Harris

Kamala Devi Harris aka Kamala Harris is the first Asian American woman to be nominated for the Democratic Vice Presidential election 20020. Harris is a politician and lawyer. She has also served as a US senator from California since 2017.  She began her career as an Attorney General in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Later on, she became the Attorney General in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, and then she was hired as the City Attorney of San Francisco‘s office.

This is not the first time that Trump launched a baseless assault over an African- American woman. The  US President has a good historical record of taunting African American women by addressing them “stupid” or ” silly” publicly. Trump even questioned about women’s intelligence. He even made some awful remarks regarding the looks and appearance of women. Arianna Huffington was said to be unattractive both from inside and outside by Trump. Women who opposed his insurance policy, including Harris, were referred to as ‘nasty’ by him. He also asked an Asian American news reporter to lower her voice.

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Trump said to the rally-goers in New Hampshire, “Effectively, it is a completely different type of a speech. Tonight, I am in New Hampshire and we are able to wing it.””If I did final night time’s speech right here, proper now you’d have all been strolling out,” he added.




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