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“Donald Trump Froze”: Kamala Harris Lashed Out At Donald Trump on Covid-19 Mishandling. What Happened Before The RNC Speech? Know Here…

The US elections are all set to be commenced in November this year. As the heat is coming closer, more and more politics is gearing between the candidates. Recently, the Democrats announced its candidates for the upcoming elections in the US.

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They have named Joe Biden for the post of President and Kamala Harris as his vice. The conventions for both the parties have taken their gear up. In a recent attack on the US President Donald Trump, the Democrat candidate Kamala Harris lashed out at him.

Harris called out Trump’s Republican convention a mere show to satisfy the ego of the President.
Talking further about Donald Trump’s administrative capabilities, she calls his Presidency as “Twitter driven Presidency”.

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She thrashed Trump for his failure in handling the Covid-19 situation in the US.
Kamala has argued further about the opposition’s contention that it has “downplayed” the health emergency situation in the country badly there.

Crushing Trump’s Presidential skills for the post, Harris boldly thrashed him for mishandling the situation and said that Trump “froze” and got “scared”. The Democrat Vice-president candidate added further that Tweets cannot solve the crisis.

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Also, She urged the voters to vote Donald Trump out of power.  All of these critical attacks were made by Kamala Harris during a political speech at Washington DC.

Kamala has been a vocal critic of the present government in the US and she is seen as the toughest fight for Donald Trump. The decision to make her the Vice-president candidate there has been taken due to his exemplary skills in the political sphere.

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