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g, upq, z8, 5r, th, u, 7g, x, Its A Safe Victory To Rajasthan Royal By 16 Runs, Highlights , RR vs CSK ! - The Tech Education
IPL 2020
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Its A Safe Victory To Rajasthan Royal By 16 Runs, Highlights , RR vs CSK !

That’s it! RR win by 16 runs, and that is very Clinch well 217 is a big challenge for CSK but not able to make runs in the powerplay CSK has fallen short by a margin of 16 runs, remember Nigdi was smoked for 30 runs in his last over at the RR’s Innings.

In any case, a victory starts for RR to IPL 2020 CSK lose the first match of the season 2020. Well, it been a fantastic start for CSK by having a great win in the opening of the season. However, after facing a setback from RR. Also, a significant setback for them will be the unavailability of the in-form Jos Butler who will be serving mandatory quarantine during the arrival in UAE for a personal reason. 

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RR vs CSK Safe Victory Highlights

 In Sharjah and we got what we think – a high-scoring match. RR overrule CSK by 16 runs, but it could have been a lot closer had Dhoni shown a little more urgency in the last overs. Samson in the first innings so good, some of the sixes that he hit were just pure good. Archer gave them the perfect end with four consecutive sixes in the finishing over. CSK is always behind the eight balls in the chase and Tewatia made it more hard with some quick wickets in the mid overs. A good opening for RR to the league. 

IPL 2020
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What MS Dhoni’s Opinion Of the Scoreboard? RR vs CSK 

“With 217 onboard, we needed to have a good start. Once you’ve seen the first innings, you know the length to bowl. Their spinners did well to bowl away from the batsman. We could have controlled no-balls. I haven’t batted in a very long time (reasons for coming down the order). The 14-day quarantine doesn’t help.”.

Faf’s lone battle comes to an end after a knock of 72 off 37. The short delivery from Archer was too close to pull, but Faf still went for it and top-edged it to the keeper. Ten from the over. Thirty-six needed from last around.

Recovery Of Steve Smith CSK vs RR , IPL 2020 Current Updates Team 11 Prediction
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