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9fh, Here's What Angelina Jolie Has To Say About Brad Pitt's Relationship With Nicole Poturalski - The Tech Education
Angelina Jolie
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Here’s What Angelina Jolie Has To Say About Brad Pitt’s Relationship With Nicole Poturalski

Angelina Jolie Showed no feelings or any gratefulness that her ex-husband is moving on with someone else. However, there is something which is still bothering Angelina.

She thinks that Brad might take her new Girlfriend into their old house and this thing makes her more furious. Although she is back with her six children in Los Angeles, deep down, it still affects her.

Some Rumors reveals that Angelina is telling her friends that, How could Brad stoop so low to fall in love with her?

What Did Angelina Jolie Thought About Her Marriage With Brad Pitt?

The report says that Angelina was still hoping that she could resolve all the issues that she had with her ex-husband. She also thought that they could end their marriage with a better understanding and in a friendly way. But as a result, it became even worse than expected.

She still hoped that they would have their conversation as an adult, after a lot of chaos and intense fight in the summer. But the situation cannot be solved, and it’s out of the question.

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How Angelina Reacted When She Heard About Brad’s New Relationship?

Angelina said that she feels gross that brad is in Europe with her Girlfriend. She then says that it’s embarrassing to see him so open about her new relationship and not keeping it private.

Nicole and Brad kissed each other before the flight, and this news got viral in social media. They were boarding their plane to Paris to reach South of France to enjoy their vacation.

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The report reveals that Brad Pitt and her German model ‘Nicole Poturalski’ have been dating since the last year November. Their long unknown relationship was spotted when they both attended Kanye West Concert at Hollywood bowl.

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