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Is Rumer Willis Confirms She’s Dating Derek Richard Thomas?

Rumer Willis officially acknowledged her relationship status, ending rumors about it. The 34-year-old actress confirmed her romance with musician Derek Richard Thomas on Instagram. The actress uploaded two days ago on Instagram photos of the couple enjoying fall outdoors. The shot had no notes but was accompanied by smileys like two hearts, a scorpion, and a ladybug.

Is Rumer Willis Confirms She’s Dating Derek Richard Thomas?

Rumer Willis and her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas lock lips during  shopping trip in NYC | Daily Mail Online

Rumer Willis shared five images of her parents on Instagram. Three of the five shots show the couple posing, while two show them kissing. Rumer kisses Derek’s cheek in one photo and they smooch in another. Their dog poses with them in various photos.

Rumer wore an all-black outfit and black sunglasses in the images, while her partner wore a denim button-down and dark trousers. He donned a burnt orange coat and sunglasses. With a beautiful fall backdrop, the pair looked beautiful and pleased to be together.

Rumer and Derek’s past is unknown. The couple hasn’t said how long they’ve been dating, but based on past events, they’ve been together for a while. Rumer and Derek’s relationship became public during her father’s aphasia fight.

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Who is Rumer Willis?

Rumer Willis celebrates 6 months of sobriety

Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has been in the spotlight since childhood. Kentucky’s 16th August 1988. Rumer Willis attended Wildwood Secondary School and Interlochen Arts Academy. Rumer dropped out of USC after one semester.

Rumer Willis followed in her father and mother’s footsteps and began acting in the 1995 film ‘Now and Then’ alongside her mother Demi Moore. Rumer made three movies with her father. Rumer Willis’ best performance was in ‘Wild Cherry’ Willis has also appeared in ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager’ and ‘Miss Guided’

Rumer Willis dated Armie Hammer, Jayson Blair, and Maeve Reilly before Derek.

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Do You Know Who is Derek Richard Thomas?

Rumer Willis Confirms She's Dating Derek Richard Thomas- It's Official Now!!

Derek Richard Thomas is a Vista Kicks musician. Band frontman Derek. Derek promotes his independent music on Instagram. Derek Richard Thomas has 4,000 Instagram followers.

Derek Thomas’ band Vista Kicks is headquartered in Roseville, California, with Trevor Sutton and Nolan Le Vine. In 2022, the band released four LPs and one EP. Derek is a singer and producer for Victoria and Makayla’s band, The Hail Maries. On Rumer’s birthday in August, the young musician posted about their connection.

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