Is Neal Bledsoe Gay? What Is Neal Bledsoe’s Sexuality? Learn More

The news that Neal Bledsoe would no longer be employed by Great American Media as a result of his support for the LGBTQIA+ community caused a great deal of uproar. I would not be where I am today without the acceptance, understanding and sage advice of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In a lengthy statement to Variety on Monday, December 5, the 41-year-old actor thanked his “college mentors” in addition to “the multitude of agents and managers, writers and directors, teachers and colleagues and of course, my dear friends and family.”

When I was a young man trying to find my way in the world and feeling lost because of our culture’s narrow view of masculinity, it was their group that saved me and gave me a sense of purpose. And if I don’t defend that neighborhood now when they need it the most then all the good things I’ve done in the past will have been for nothing.

So, I want to make it clear that I always support the LGBTQIA+ community. Nothing is more important to me than making sure they can live and love freely in the world we all share. Let’s go down and see what we can find out about Neal Bledsoe Gay.

Who Is Neal Bledsoe?

Neal Bledsoe was born in Toronto on March 26, 1981. Neal Cassady was one of the most important people of the Beat Generation.   Neal’s rise to fame is due in large part to his work but both his public and private life are interesting.

Neal Bledsoe Gay

Neal went to Roosevelt and Garfield High School in Seattle which is where he got his formal education. As part of their CEDU program, he also went to Ascent for a while. After he finished Shawnigan Lake School he went to the Idyllwild Arts Academy for a year. There, he started his career as an actor and playwright.

Is Neal Bledsoe Gay?

Even though Neal is a well-known person he likes to keep some things quiet and keep his distance from certain topics. In fact, a lot of people thought it was possible that he wasn’t with anyone and some people thought he was gay.

It has come to light that he is not gay and had a relationship with Asha Leo, who is a model and TV host in the United Kingdom. Their friends and followers on social media knew they had been together for a long time because they didn’t try to hide how much they liked and cared for each other

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