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Information: Is Megalo Box Anime Based on a Manga or Light Novel?


Megalo Box is a popular anime released in 2018. It tells the story of an arena sport called Megalo Boxing, and it’s set to take place in Japan. With this, your attacks are more lethal.

Megalo Box is both inspired by popular animes, as well as the manga that started it all. It’s also important to note that there have been two seasons already premiered for Megalo Box: one back in 2020 and another even just aired this April. Is Megalo Box anime still ongoing or completed?

We will answer your questions about Megalo Box.

Is Megalo Box Anime Based on a Manga or Light Novel?

Is Megalo Box Anime Based on a Manga or Light Novel and Is It Complete, Finished, or Ongoing? Here is Everything You Need to Know 1

The original intention of Megalo Box is as a Manga and anime show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ashita No Joe, a Japanese Manga series. The anime and manga have the same premise, which attracted animators and Manga enthusiasts. 3xCube and TMS Entertainment produced the show.

Chikara Sakuma, the producer of Megalo Box, created a Manga adaptation. The first two volumes titled “Megalo Box Shukumei no Soken” were serialized in Shonen Magazine Edge and were illustrated by Yoshimori Amahiro.

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Is Megalo Box Complete, Finished, or Ongoing?

Megalo Box manga adaptation is complete and has no plans for an ongoing sequel. However, the animated show Megalo Box features a second season that critics contend changes some of the core aspects of shonen battles.

The show will apparently explain what happened to the characters five years after Joe’s victory at Megalonia. If you need a refresher, Crunchyroll offers Megalo Box Season 1.

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