Is Lady Gaga Pregnant? AND Is She Getting Married To Polansky?


Here is an upcoming hot shot news about Lady Gaga is she pregnant and engaged to her boyfriend, Michael Polansky? According the sources a photo of Lady Gaga snapped by paparazzi juts few weeks ago that showed her “telltale bump.”

Here comes the star Cooper with him whom Gaga worked but according to the sources they weren’t romantic at all, and we came to know that he recently broke up with his girlfriend Irina Shayk and the reason was because Gaga was pregnant with his child.

And on looking in deep about this it came out to be bluff and was a made up story, and the other sources have claimed and had proof that Cooper and Lady Gaga were seriously just friends.

And by the January there were news that the pregnancy was a rumor and had forgotten and the outlet was claiming that Gaga had moved on from Cooper to a new mystery man, as she was seen kissing someone on the new years eve. As later revealed that man was none other than Polansky, but the other facts were not true.

Here is the news saying that we are happy that Gaga had found her forever guy, and it’s even try that Gaga and Polansky may be seen taking huge steps in their relationships at points soon in future.

But on the single photo of Gaga’s body that she must be [regnant and sporting that baby bump, but that’s not what reveals all the true facts and can be wrong sometimes.  But as per the sources who can give the true facts about the reality her friends? And she won’t lie to her friends? Anyways whatever the plot maybe stay tuned for the upcoming news!!



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