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Is Jojo Siwa Pregnant? Dance Moms Star Debunks Pregnancy Rumors On TikTok

Is Jojo Siwa Pregnant? Jojo Siwa has talked about the rumors that she is pregnant on TikTok. The 19-year-old reality star from Nebraska is best known for being on Dance Moms. She has more than 43 million followers on the site. The professional dancer and singer wrote in the caption of a recent post, “I just got out of gymnastics and heard some good news.

Is She Confirmed Officially That She Is Pregnant?

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She told her fans, “It looks like I’m pregnant. God, I love TikTok!” she said to herself as she laughed. Then, Jojo Siwa posted another picture of herself dancing in her garden. A commenter asked, “Is that baby okay?” After the #KRISSED trend took off in June, rumors started to spread that Siwa was pregnant.

As part of the #KRISSED trend, people on social media made up rumors about famous people and ended their videos with “you’ve been #KRISSED.” As part of the trend, a user made a video in which they said they thought JoJo was pregnant. The video caught on and went viral.

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This made it more likely that Siwa was pregnant, and hundreds of videos were made about her possible baby. Jojo’s video responding to the rumors has gotten 2.6 million likes on social media, and people have said things like, “Well, congratulations!! I swear, every time you open this app, you learn something new about yourself.”

Another user said, “I thought you were going to break the news here. Help,” and a third said, “TikTok is the only way to find out you’re pregnant.” Abby Lee Miller, a well-known dance coach, also joined in, commenting with three shocked emojis.

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