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66, a58, vtg, ty, j, v3a, hn, qj, gb, y6n, 02, qf7, o, 3eq, tm0, x, e, Irfan Pathan Step Forward To Handle Sunil Gavaskar 's Controversial Remarks On Virat Kohli - The Tech Education
Sunil Gavaskar
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Irfan Pathan Step Forward To Handle Sunil Gavaskar ‘s Controversial Remarks On Virat Kohli

The whole social media has become more curious about Sunil Gavaskar ‘s controversial remarks on Virat Kohli. However, to solve this conflict Irfan Pathan has come forward to give some friendly advice to both side.

What did Irfan Pathan Do To Solve The Conflict Between Sunil Gavaskar And Anushka Sharma?

After encountering with Anushka Sharma’s replies to Gavaskar’s remarks on India’s cricket captain, Irfan supported and tried to resolve it. In addition to this, Irfan posted a message on his twitter, to all the people who started criticizing the former cricketer.

Sunil Gavaskar
Source: Getty Images

Irfan’s tweet gave a little advice to the people who spread the message with slamming message on the cricket player. He always quoted that always respect SuniGavaskar sir and always.

What Sunil Said To Virat’s Poor Performance That led To Such A Big Contro?

However, the controversy erupted when Gavaskar said something unusual and insulting lines to Virat Kohli. He said that during lockdown Virat has practised his bowling with his wife Anushka. This would of course make Anushka get angry and that is what happened.

Gavaskar pointed out this statement and compared it with Virat’s poor performance in the previous RCB vs KXIP match.

Sunil Gavaskar
Source: TOI

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How Anushka Replied After Suni’s Remarks To Virat Kohli?

After knowing that Sunil Gavaskar has said such things, Anushka replied that his remarks are distasteful. She also tried to talk about this issue on her Instagram. With this Anushkar also asked about why he tried to accuse Virat’s failure with such filthy statements?

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In response to Anushka, Sunil Gavaskar tried to clarify that he didn’t target Anushka Sharma. With this, he also adds the reason for such statement and that was because the viral video about Anushka can be seen bowling to Virat.

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