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w16, y9, 6gc, wu7, u2a, s, oq7, vsl, op, IPL 2020: Will R Ashwin return This IPL Season? DC Skipper Shreyas Iyer Provides New Update -
Source: ExaVibes
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IPL 2020: Will R Ashwin return This IPL Season? DC Skipper Shreyas Iyer Provides New Update

Source: Circle of Cricket

R Ashwin did not make it to DC’s Playing XI in their 2nd game of this IPL season.

Skipper Shreyas Iyer did reveal, prior to their 2nd game, about two important changes in their team from their first game.

One of them was that leg-spinner Amit Mishra will replace Ashwin.

When asked about his fitness standing at the moment, Iyer said that we would definitely see more of Ashwin in this IPL season.

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Iyer’s Stated The Two Changes In The Team And Also About When We Can Expect Ashwin To Be Back

Shreyas Iyer
Source: India.com

Iyer said that the changes for their 2nd game were: “Amit Mishra in for Ashwin and Avesh Khan for Mohit Sharma,”

He also added that the bowler “is doing pretty well, but we wanted to give him a 2-3 game rest so that he feels better. He’s doing well in the gym. He had a bat in the nets yesterday.”

In their second game against KXIP, Ashwin injured his shoulder.

After picking up two wickets rapidly, he dived while trying to save a run and ended up hurting his shoulder.

He had to leave the game immediately afterwards.

The injury looked a lot worse at the initial stage, but the next morning, the bowler said his pain had lessened quite a bit. Also, the scan reports provided hopeful news.

Iyer did expect Ashwin to be ready for yesterday’s game, but those plans definitely changed.

Iyer says Ashwin himself has said that he should be ready for the next game of this IPL tournament.

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But at the end of the day, only the physio can decide that.

Axar was definitely fantastic with those middle overs in their first game after Ashwin was injured.

Iyer said “We generally go by left-right combination in the team build-up. The way Stoinis assessed the wicket and played that innings (in their 1st game) was commendable.”

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