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Iraq War Veteran Claims To be Used As A ‘Prop’ Among Trump’s Agenda!

Iraq War Veteran Claims To be Used As A ‘Prop’ Among Trump’s Agenda!

Bobby Henline

Bobby Henline, a four-tour Iraq War veteran, claims that his photo has been circulating all over social media. He also said that by spreading his picture, the Democrats are trying to make up a false story.

Bobby Henline is also the only survivor among five soldiers in a blast in Iraq. Presently he is spending his time by motivating and entertaining people by telling the stories of positivity and comedy. Recently he came up to public attention after a meme started circulating on social media spreading false political news. 

Bobby Henline said, “I’m just so irritated that they put my image up there because now it looks like the President called me a loser. And they’re using that to sell something that they believe in for their agenda. It’s not fair to put us [veterans] as props in the middle of all that.”

Donald Trump
Source: The New York Times

From the past week, news has been coming up that President Trump referred the American soldiers as “Losers” and “Suckers” in 2018. 

Henline has never commented on any of Trump’s remarks about veterans, but the post in which he was referred to as a ‘Prop’ outraged him. So, he quickly protested and criticized the matter of spreading false claims for their ‘propaganda’. He is also trying to aid Joe Biden and the Democrats by putting down the image of President Trump. Even the matter outraged Henline so much that he turned the veterans against President Trump. 

Thus, Henline took quick action towards the accounts on social media posting anti – Trump’ propaganda’. And, ultimately, he is successful in turning down those three and also President Trump. The matter may make the situation worse for the US president in the November election 2020 which may lead to the win of the Democrat candidate. 


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