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Virus Altering Tributes Are Done For 9/11 By US

In New York, the families of the victims of 9/11 gathered together in the World Trade Center for split-screen remembrance.

The Memorial

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The remembrance was held in a manner that followed the protocol of coronavirus safety. Jin Hee Cho, a member of the family of the victim who lost his sister to the tragic incident, said,

“It’s just hard to delete that in my mind. I understand there’s all this, and I understand now that we have even COVID, But I only feel the loss, the devastating loss of my flesh-and-blood sister.”

Some countries cancelled 9/11 memorial while others did so with following the safety guidelines for the virus hence modifying it in their way.

Strict Rules

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As a result of the virus, the Pentagon’s security was so intense that they didn’t even allow the victim’s family to be there. Still, it later allowed a small group of people to attend the memorial.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden both attended the Flight 93 National Memorial with the election so near.

It is a great thing that the people of the victim’s family searched for a way to show their support and grief to fellow people like them still maintaining safety precautions.

While Trump rallies don’t even care about wearing masks, an initiative like this is appreciated.





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