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"A Comeback And A Half" After Winning Against SRH To Kickstart The Tournament For RCB - The Tech Education
Source: DNA India
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IPL 2020: Virat Kohli Says “A Comeback And A Half” After Winning Against SRH To Kickstart The Tournament For RCB

Source: Royal Challengers Bangalore

Kohli and his team RCB started their IPL 2020 journey yesterday with a much-awaited win over SRH.

Skipper Virat Kohli was beyond happy with how teammates’ performance under pressure.

In their Twitter handle, RCB posted a video where players expressed their emotions after the winning start.

Kohli says “A comeback and a half”.

The RCB players were rejoicing in the video in their dressing room after their 10-run victory.

Defending totals has never been RCB’s strength, and Kohli was amazed by his bowlers who managed to defend the total under pressure.

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Kohli Talks AboutKo The Performance Of The RCB Bowlers And Batsman

Source: The Statesman

He praises the bowlers for “showing a lot of character” and going forward with their game plan even while bowling with a wet ball.

Kohli said that the fact that they won by defending a total was unprecedented.

The pitch proved difficult for the bowlers in the second half of the game because of dew.

But despite that, the bowlers held their ground and played their game.

Also, Kohli praises Aaron Finch and Devdutt Padikkal for giving them the much-needed start. Padikkal was amazing, considering that it was his debut match on IPL.

AB de Villiers’ power shots never failed to amaze the team, and they helped RCB reach a competitive total.

He even explains his game strategy after the win, by saying: “My goal was to get to 160 when I was batting. I was sure that I was on the right track…was very happy that we were able to reach 160. I think anything less would have put us under a lot of pressure. Yuzi bowled exceptionally well, Shivam bowled very well and all round a very good performance in the field”.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore will be taking on the Kings XI Punjab at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on their next game.

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