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Just 29 Balls After A Few Big Hits By AB de Villiers ! - The Tech Education
IPL 2020 SRH Vs RCB : A Fast 50 In Just 29 Balls After A Few Big Hits By AB de Villiers !
Source : sportsstar.thehindu.com
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IPL 2020 SRH Vs RCB : A Fast 50 In Just 29 Balls After A Few Big Hits By AB de Villiers !


SRH once again prove themselves as best bowlers and pacer’s team. They restrict RCB just to 163 despite a kick start from Kohli’s team, but the Batsmen require to complement the bowlers in a perfect way to win tonight.

Half-centuries from debutant Devdutt Padikkal and AB de Villiers, power Royal Challengers to 163. Sour finish to the innings though, seven runs and two wickets. Sunrisers Hyderabad needs 164 in 120 balls. David Warner and Jonny Bairstow expected to open the innings for SRH.

And it is also an excellent test for the RCB team to have a nice test in the rigid Bowling attacks. David Warner is on strike for the opening batsmen, and Jonny Bairstow is at the non-striker’s end. Dale Steyn is now the Opening bowler from the RCB side.

IPL 2020 SRH Vs RCB : A Fast 50 In Just 29 Balls After A Few Big Hits By AB de Villiers !
Source : sportsstar.thehindu.com

Now RCB will begin the quest for an exclusive IPL title when the un-achievers RCB take the David Warner’s low profile but the consistent SRH in the opening encounter in Dubai on Monday. Both teams have big players and bowlers which can change the match Single-handedly take the game from their rivalry team.

Kohli has taken the led as a front warrior, but he knew that his search for the title of maiden would remain incomplete if the team does not give their 100% all the areas.

On the other hand, Aaron Finch and the batting line he has is a star-studded of more the firepower. Expectations are on the peak as the young rated openers like  Devdutt Padikkal. While seeing on the other side, Warner exploits RCB in the IPL by winning the “orange cap”.

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