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ot, 8xg, Raydu Should Have Been There In Last year's World Cup Team, Says Veteran spinner, Harbhajan Singh - The Tech Education
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Raydu Should Have Been There In Last year’s World Cup Team, Says Veteran spinner, Harbhajan Singh

Ambati Rayudu, the CSK player of IPL 2020, should have been in the world cup team, said Indian veteran spinner, Harbhajan Singh. Rayudu, last year was pegged to be at no. 4 of India’s batting order, but he was pipped to Vijay Shankar’s post.

Rayudu’s Tremendous Performance

Rayudu, in the opening match of IPL, CSK vs MI hit 71 runs in 48 balls.

Harbhajan Singh, who has opted out of this year’s IPL due to personal reasons, said;

“I feel there was an injustice done to him when the World Cup team was picked. He should have been definitely there in that team.”

Tremendously impressed by Rayudu’s performance, Singh mentioned, it will be “less however much you appreciate” Rayudu. Rayudu with the opening match has shown his ability and proved that age is on one side and talents also needs to be looked at, he added.

Harbhajan Wishes 2018 To Repeat Itself

CSK beat MI in the opening match of IPL 2020, and Harbhajan was happy with this bright start. When CSK had lifted the IPL trophy two years back, CSK had defeated MI in the first game; it’s a good omen for the team, said the spinner on hoping the team to finish the game well.

He regarded Rauyudu and Plessis’s partnership as a game-changing for the team. He wishes the team to keep moving forward with the victorious head.

Chennai Super Kings has it’s next match on Tuesday, against Rajasthan Royals.

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