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w2r, e, d, 8gl, qeu, e69, l, w, f, p, y7, 36, 4, g4f, 3, r, IPL 2020: Sanju Samson Creates History As He Helps His Team RR Win Against KXIP By Scoring Massive 85 Runs From 42 Balls - The Tech Education
Sanju Samson
Source: TOI
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IPL 2020: Sanju Samson Creates History As He Helps His Team RR Win Against KXIP By Scoring Massive 85 Runs From 42 Balls

In the RR Vs KXIP match in IPL 2020 we notice two phenomenal players from RR who created history by their massive hits. And one among them is Sanju Samson.

Sanju Samson Creates History

Rajasthan Royals player Sanju Samson created history in the match against Kings XI Punjab. As the target set by the rival team was 224, which is quite a high target. But Samson managed to score a massive 85 runs from just 42 balls.

Samson amazed everyone with his performance and many people are comparing him with MS Dhoni. The player has played two matches this season and has a total score of 159 runs. And in the previous match against KXIP, he along with Rahul Tewatia completely changed the direction of the game.

Sanju Samson
Source: ESPN

Samson’s massive score made him the man of the match. And he totally deserved it. After the match Samson said that he worked on brushing up his skills during the lockdown period.

And that is the reason he could actually fair well in the matches. He also added that he has taken extra care about his diet, exercise and everything that is necessary to better his skills. And the result is clearly showing.

Appreciation From Legends

Many legendary personalities are going gaga over Samson’s performance. Cricketer Shane Warner was completely blown away by Samson’s skills and said that he should have been the part of team India by now. Because he has the ability to do wonders.

Sanju Samson
Source: News 18

Indian Politician Shashi Tharoor claimed that Samson would be the next MS Dhoni. But on the other hand Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir disagreed with Tharoor. Because as for him Samson has his own skills and abilities and he doesn’t need to replace someone else. Therefore he will create his own identity and become the ‘first Sanju Samson.’

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