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9bc, l2w, o, s, 7p, 3qq, x2, yh8, IPL 2020: RCB VS RR : Jos Butler Could Posses A Challenge To The Young RCB Bowlers - The Tech Education
SOURCE : cricket.seelatest.com
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IPL 2020: RCB VS RR : Jos Butler Could Posses A Challenge To The Young RCB Bowlers

It is the match no 15 in this IPL 2020 RCB vs RR at Sheikh Zayed Stadium on Saturday, 3rd October. Both the teams began this league with great opening performances. With the two wins in the last three games. There is a new vibe going on with the duo of Aaron Fitch and Devdutt Padikkal adding a much-needed freshness to the team.

With the badass combination of Ab de Viller’s and Yuzvendra Chahal also making standards high for other players. RCB would be desperate for Virat Kohli also to join the party against RR. The RCB skipper didn’t burst out yet, and the task isn’t going to get easy this Saturday.

SOURCE : cricket.seelatest.com

On the other hand, Steve Smith’s promotion, having worked wonders for them. However, it has all been about Sanju Samson and Rahul Tewatia the Silent Bomb, who shocked everyone in the game with KXIP last week. 

Well the main concern for the bowling attack, Englishman Jofra Archer is the one to watch out for the RR as their third win of IPL 2020 as we can say that another thrilling is awaiting us.

Approaching Milestones RCB vs RR

  • Virat Kohli requires 70 runs to complete 5500 IPL runs.
  • AB de Villiers requires only five-catch to complete 100 IPL catch.
  • Jos Buttler requires 89 runs to complete 1500 IPL runs and requires 116 runs to complete 1000 IPL runs for RR.
  • Steve Smith requires 84 runs to complete 1000 IPL runs as captain. RCB vs RR
      Source : dnaindia.com

Royal Challengers Bangalore Predicted XI

1. Aaron Finch (Overseas)

2. Devdutt Padikkal

3. Virat Kohli (C)

4. A. B. de Villiers (Overseas/Wk)

5. Shivam Dube

6. Moeen Ali (Overseas)

7. Chris Morris (Overseas)

8. Washington Sundar

9. Yuzvendra Chahal

10. Umesh Yadav

11. Navdeep Saini

 Rajasthan Royals Predicted XI

1. Yashasvi Jaiswal

2. Jos Buttler (Overseas)

3. Sanju Samson (Wk)

4. Steve Smith (C/Overseas)

5. Tom Curran (Overseas)

6. Robin Uthappa

7. Riyan Parag

8. Shreyas Gopal

9. Jofra Archer (Overseas)

10. Kartik Tyagi

11. Jaydev Unadkat

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