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cs, w5s, y, 6, bmk, qw, g6c, tq, 6, ie, xl, IPL 2020 : Rahul Tewatia A Mysterious Game Changer On RR Slow Start ! - The Tech Education
Rahul Tewatia
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IPL 2020 : Rahul Tewatia A Mysterious Game Changer On RR Slow Start !

This was RR third match, and the match number of 9 of the Indian Premier League 2020 as words fell short of describing the kind of Knock  Rahul Tewatia has played for his team, the left-handed batsmen of Rajasthan Royals.

Rahul Tewatia – Man of the Day

He is a Villain One Moment, and the next moment he is a hero. It is like a one and two sides which could not be well explained by anyone other than Rahul Tewatia. He made the Sunday Night a special one, chasing the record total made by KXIP.

Rajasthan Royal batsman walked out at No.4 after the dismissal of Steve Smith with the team still requiring a mountain to climb on Initially struggling to get going on, keeping the runs moving, his score reading 17 off 23 and RR needs 51 of the last three overs.

Rahul Tewatia
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Carting left-arm quick Sheldon Cottrell for 30 runs in an over five sixes to turn the table. He was eventually out to Mohammed Shami in the last over but had done enough. RR achieving a four-wicket win with the three balls remaining.

Now, I’m better. That was the worst first 20 balls that I have ever played. And I was hitting the ball very good in the nets, so I had belief in myself and kept going. I was not hitting the ball well initially, I saw in the dug-out, everybody was curious because they know that I can hit the ball long,” the 27-year-old batsman said.

I thought I had to believe in myself. It was a matter of one six; after that, I got going. Five in an over went terrific. Coach sent me to hit sixes off the leg-spinner, but unfortunately, I didn’t hit him. Ultimately, I hit off the other bowlers,” Tewatia added.

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