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de, r, gq, svo, 0, l, rgz, j, Karthik Will 'Give' Three KKR Players To Get Rabada, Iyer And Ashwin In Return -
Source: BDCricTime
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Karthik Will ‘Give’ Three KKR Players To Get Rabada, Iyer And Ashwin In Return

Source: BDCricTime

KKR made a strong comeback in their 2nd game of this IPL season against SRH by beating them by seven wickets on Saturday.

But still captain Dinesh Karthik still wills for an opportunity to swap players with other franchises if he gets a chance.

R Ashwin asked Karthik to give DC three players and take three from their side in a hypothetical situation.

Ashwin told Karthik in a Youtube show named ‘Hello Dubaiaah’, hosted by Ashwin himself, that “I’ll give you a hypothetical scenario. In the movie Pandavar Bhoomi, there’s one family. So you have to the opportunity to adopt three and give me three to adopt,”

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Whom Did The KKR Skipper Karthik Name From The Delhi Capitals?

Rabada and Iyer
Source: Times Now

Karthik then named the three players that he would like to take from DC and also called three players who he would like it to give to DC in return.

The first cricketer from the Delhi Capitals squad that he named was the South Africa paceman Kagiso Rabada.

Karthik said, “From your team Rabada. I’ll give Lockie Ferguson and take Kagiso Rabada.”

When asked to name two more players that he wanted, Karthik said that he would swap Nitish Rana with Shreyas Iyer and Sunil Narine with Ashwin.

Thus he adds, “Another player… Who’s our No.3? Nitish Rana. So I’ll give Nitish Rana to Delhi take Shreyas Iyer. Sunil Narine for R Ashwin,”

Ashwin was quite overwhelmed after Karthik took his name, and he said that he called it a sort of ‘like for like replacement.’

R Ashwin said, “Heart’s been touched. He’s an opener too, but I’m like for like replacement. Thank you so much,”

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