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Harbhajan Singh Officially Removed From Chennai Super Kings, Three Year Long Contract To Be Terminated - The Tech Education
Harbhajan Singh
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IPL 2020: Harbhajan Singh Officially Removed From Chennai Super Kings, Three Year Long Contract To Be Terminated

CSK has officially removed two players from their team list, Suresh Raina and now Harbhajan Singh.

Harbhajan Singh Removed From CSK

After Suresh Raina, now another CSK player Harbhajan Singh has been removed from the Chennai Super Kings team list. Singh had a three year long contract with the team which he had signed in 2018 and he was supposed to be a part of IPL 2020.

Harbhajan Singh
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But due to some reasons Singh couldn’t be a part of IPL 2020. And now the CSK authorities have decided to end their contract with him.  As per the sources Harbhajan Singh had signed a 2 crore contract with CSK.

And it is going to be terminated soon. Both Raina and Singh’s names have been removed from the teams official website.

Kasi Viswanathan’s Statement

The Chennai Super Kings CEO Kasi Viswanathan in a statement has revealed that both Raina and Harbhajan Singh are no longer a part of the team. And he has also hinted on the termination of Singh’s contract with the team.

Harbhajan Singh
Source: Cricbuzz

In his statement, he has clearly said that only the players who are playing for the team in this IPL season will be paid. Thus clarifying that the contract deals they had with Raina and Singh will be terminated within a few days.

So Harbhajan Singh was all set to play in the Indian Premeire League 2020, and was supposed to join the team from September. But to everybody’s horror Singh didn’t reach Dubai. Later on he officially announced that he will not be able to be a part of this IPL season. Although he didn’t say the exact reason, but stated that is is related to his family.

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According to the sources Singh didn’t want to leave his family during this crisis period. And therefore opted to skip the entire IPL season.

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