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How Sunil Gavaskar Reacted To Virat's Poor Batting Performance: IPL 2020 - The Tech Education
Sunil Gavaskar
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Here’s How Sunil Gavaskar Reacted To Virat’s Poor Batting Performance: IPL 2020

Sunil Gavaskar, after all nasty remarks, has yet again reacted to Virat Kohli for his poor performance. However, even fans can see how Virat Kohli’s performance has deteriorated.

The captain of Royal Challengers Banglore looked like a pale shadow of his usual self during every match. Till now Virat has hit only one boundary throughout the whole tournament. He showed a little skill when he had the match with Mumbai Indians on Monday.

How Sunil Gavaskar Reacted To Virat Kohli’s Performance?

Since the beginning of the IPL 2020 series, Virat has not shown a single sign of improvement. Sunil Gavaskar, on the other side, is much confident to state that Virat will bounce back. But the player has somehow managed to score almost 400- 500 for RCB in IPL 2020.

Sunil said in the interview that Virat would lack at the beginning, but he will make it up at the end of the tournament. He also said that Virat is a classical batsman and he will showcase his skills at the right moment. He adds that Virat may struggle at the beginning, but he will score 400- 500 runs at the end of the season like he does every year.

Sunil gave the reference of IPL 2016, where he said that Virat scored almost 1000 runs and four centuries in the season.

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These statements were unusual after how he criticized Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. The fans became upset after he remarked on Virat. But now it’s a sudden change of opinion about Virat.

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Virat Kohli Performance During This IPL 2020

Virat has played only three matches, and till now he has only scored a total of 18 runs.

Anushka Sharma , Sunil Gavaskar
Source : jantasatta.com

During the first match, he was knocked out with the score of 14 runs against the Sunrisers Hyderabad. Virat was down within five deliveries in the next match against the Kings XI Punjab. It was a failure for the team who did not even cross 100 runs.

During the match with Mumbai Indians, Virat just managed to score three runs with only 11 balls. But somehow his team managed won the match during super over. Jasprit Bumrah delivered the over, but Virat and AB de Villiers were successful in scoring the required eight runs at the end.

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