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5, IPL 2020 Commentator And Former Cricketer Dean Jones Passes Away In Mumbai Due To A Massive Cardiac Arrest - The Tech Education
Dean Jones
Source: India Today
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IPL 2020 Commentator And Former Cricketer Dean Jones Passes Away In Mumbai Due To A Massive Cardiac Arrest

Former Australian Cricketer Dean Jones suffered a massive cardiac arrest and breathed his last on September 24 in Mumbai.

Dean Jones Passes Away In Mumbai

The former cricketer who was in Mumbai as a part of the IPL Broadcasting team has passed away due to a massive cardiac arrest. Jones has been a part of IPL since quite a few seasons. And has been one of the best commentators so far.

Dean Jones
Source: Times Now

Even this season, he travelled to India amid the ongoing pandemic to be a part of the Indian Premiere league. The 59 year old Australian cricketer was with his colleague Brett Lee when he collapsed in the hotel lobby. And it was a shock for everyone because Jones seemed to be quite healthy and no one saw it coming.

It is said that Jones was completely fit till morning because he even went for a run. Therefore this sudden heart attack has actually perplexed everyone. Bret Lee had tried to revive him but everything went in vain.

His Career

Deans Jones has had a great career in Cricket. And is one of the most impactful International cricketers. Born in Australia, Jones began his career in 1981 where he played in the English Country Championship. Then in 1984, he stepped to the field of International cricket for the first time.

Dean Jones
Source: Daily Mail

And since that he has played over 50 test matches for his country. The former cricketer has 11 centuries to his kitty and his 3631 runs in his over all career. After bidding adieu to cricket he was still very much associated with it.

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He has mentored several cricket teams as a coach and also started off as a cricket commentator. Apart from that Jones has been associated with many philanthropic activities and is well known for providing a helping hand to new cricketing talents.

We are deeply saddened by his sudden demise and offer our condolences to his family and loved ones.

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